Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I claim my profile? Are there any benefits of claiming my profile?

Claiming the profile is very beneficial to your practice growth and practice visibility. Besides visibility, our platform provides the following FREE tools to lawyers who claim their profile and keep the profile up to date.

FREE tools for Lawyers
  • New client leads and appointments*
  • Appointment booking using text message*
  • Lawyer and law practice profile in 50+ lawyer directories.
  • Client contacts and communication management.
  • Unlimited appointment booking for existing clients.
  • Reminders, follow-up emails, and requests for reviews.
  • Verified client review capture using text and email.
  • Create and automatically distribute/advertise free consultation to local clients.
  • Email marketing.

Note * Limited number of lawyers per city/zip code get free new client appointments or text appointments credits. Exclusivity to only one lawyer per Zip code.
            Hurry up and claim your profile for visibility and dominate your local area before your competition does.

Q. How do I claim my profile and update my information?

You are welcome to claim your profile by clicking on “Claim Your Profile/Business” link when you search our network of websites.
You can also sign up as a lawyer using the “Free Lawyer Signup” button on the home page. When you initially sign up and provide needed information, it will show you your existing profile (if any) to select and update.
Your profile will be published on our 50+ lawyer directories with one sign up and it is completely FREE of charge.

Q. On how many websites or lawyer directories my profile will be published?

For a list of all the lawyer directories where your profile will be published and available for new client's appointments go to Lawyer Directories.

Your profile gets visibility on all these directories.

Q. What are different lawyer directory listings?

Our mission is to connect the clients or legal help seekers with local lawyers of high quality with minimum effort to both the clients and to the lawyers.  We have the following types of lawyer profile listings. 

Free Lawyer Listings

Almost every licensed lawyer and legal professional practice can be listed in our directory listing. The order of listings is determined by the proximity of the lawyer or law practice to the searched Zip code or city, then completeness of the profile, then the ratings, reviews, and other variables.

Lawyers can boost their visibility by completing their profile, uploading the pictures, adding the work hours for client appointments through their dashboard. Lawyers can also improve their ratings and reviews by inviting past clients to review them on our portal with just a few clicks. All the lawyers listed on the free lawyer listing would have access to all the free tools listed below.

FREE tools for Lawyers

  • New client leads and appointments*
  • Appointment booking using text message*
  • Lawyer and law practice profile in 50+ lawyer directories.
  • Client contacts and communication management.
  • Unlimited appointment booking for existing clients.
  • Reminders, follow-up emails, and requests for reviews.
  • Verified client review capture using text and email.
  • Create and automatically distribute promotional offers.
  • Email marketing.


  • Live Call Transfer
  • Call Tracking and recording.
  • 2-way texting.
  • Unlimited new and existing client appointments.

Standard Listings

This listing is an upgraded version of a free listing and can get unlimited web appointments from new clients. The listing will show up before the free listings on the web page. Lawyers pay a small monthly subscription fee to allow unlimited new clients to book appointments with them, lawyers get additional tools to manage the appointments and communicate with their local clients.

Premium Listings

This listing is similar to Standard listing with the exception that the clients can also book appointments with lawyers by text messaging. Also, lawyer or law practice profiles will show up before the standard listings on the web page. Lawyers pay a small monthly subscription fee to allow 2-way text messaging with clients, and for additional tools that lawyers get to manage the appointments and communicate with their local clients. Client portals and custom automated intakes can be set up.

Exclusive Listings

This type of lawyer listing shows up on the top of the page. When a client calls and enters the exclusive zip code on the licensed lawyer brand number, the call is automatically transferred to the lawyer/law practice assigned to the zip code that is opted by the client. The call is tracked and reported for the lawyer to manage the client communication and the customer service/quality control aspects. Lawyer/law practice also has full exclusivity to the zip code and licensed phone number combination. When a client text the assigned Zip code the exclusive lawyer profile is shown to the client for booking appointments. Exclusive listing has all that premium listing offers plus exclusivity to Zip code/s and branded phone number/s.

In any of the upgraded profiles, we treat ratings or reviews the same as they were on a free lawyer profile. We do not remove a review unless it violates our policy. Lawyers in upgraded profiles have additional tools to highlight a review, sequence the reviews, and respond to reviews, etc.

Q. How do I add Images or videos to my profile?

Login to your account.

Go to “SETTINGS”  

Then to “Images&Videos

Click on “Upload New Image/Video”

Select the category of the image or video from

    • Staff Member
    •  Law Practice

For Staff Member and  Law Practice, you need to select from the dropdown to assign the image/video to.

Give a name to the image/video and select the image/video from the location on your local machine/network drive.

Click on “Submit

Q. Is there any limit on how many pictures and videos I can upload on my profile page?

There is no limit on how many pictures and videos you can post on your profile. However, we encourage you to post relevant pictures and videos.

Q. How do I add my law practice in my profile?

Login to your account.


Then go to the “Office” tab

Enter all the information relevant to the law office. You can also select all the practice areas you cover.
You can also upload pictures/videos. Once all the information is entered click on “Submit

Q. Can I delete my profile?

We do not remove profiles from our website. The information is gathered from public records and publicly available information.
If you are concerned that the public information, we share on our website is incorrect, please contact us and we will do our best to update it.
You might also want to check with your state/federal licensing body to ensure that the information in your public record is up-to-date.

If you haven’t yet, you can claim your lawyer profile and update information such as your address, practice area, availability, experience, and more.
Once you claim your profile, you can also
  • Request reviews from your clients
  • Manage client contact information
  • Schedule appointments
  • Send out notifications and reminders to your clients
  • Email Marketing
  • and more all for FREE.
When you claim your profile and verify your information, you will receive a verified badge, confirming the information as up to date. It will help your prospective clients. We make it easy for clients to book appointments and connect with your law practice using common communication tools such as phone calls, text messaging, and online with unique and memorable lawyer branding.

Q. What all information I can update or provide on my profile?

Completed profiles receive more visibility and engagement than incomplete profiles.


To engage more prospective clients and to get more opportunities to serve local clients complete all sections of the profile as much as possible.

  • Your Name – Law Practice Name and Location
  • Provide Up to 10 Zip Codes per Location for Clients and Appointments.
  • Your Accomplishments, Experience and Specialty
  • Legal Cases that you work with. 
  • Forms or Payment you Accept
  • Work Hours and Duration of Your Appointments
  • Add other Staff Members of your LAw Firm
  • Images and Videos of legal cases/issues 
  • Answers to Questions listed on our site from various contacts

We also recommend you to:

  • Answer the legal questions. It improves your profile visibility and engagement exponentially compared to completed profile without any answers to legal questions.
  • Provide Legal BAckground/information about current affairs
  • Respond to Reviews
  • Showcase your lawyer badge on your website and social media to allow clients to book appointments with you directly.

You will receive an alert when a client leaves a review about you and also have the opportunity to respond to reviews.


Q. How to add other lawyers on the practice profile.

Login to your account.

Go to “SETTINGS”  

Then go to “Manage Staff” tab

Then click on “Add New Staff Member” button

Enter all the information relevant to the staff lawyer, including their working days, and times, how much time they spend on each appointment with the client. You can also enter the language the staff lawyer speaks.

Once all the information is entered click on “Submit

Q. How are profiles verified?

Once you complete your profile, you will receive a call, text or email to confirm your information. We recommend you respond to email and/or text to confirm your profile.
We also may ask you to verify your phone number to confirm and verify your identity.
We strive to provide local clients seeking lawyers with accurate information about their local lawyers they can confidently connect to and book appointments with by just texting the zip code.
As you update, your verified up-to-date information reaches more local clients.

Q. Can I book appointments with my clients on your platform for FREE?

Yes, absolutely FREE. You can book appointments on our platform with your existing clients for free.
When you create an appointment, the client will be notified via email of the appointment, time, and date as well as your office address.
If you need to also send out text message reminders to your clients, we do offer text plans that you can upgrade to.
For more information on how to book appointments on our platform, please log in to your account and click on help videos.

Q. Is there a limit on how my appointments I can book for FREE with my existing clients?

There is no limit on the count of appointments you can make. However, the appointment emails in FREE subscription are limited to 2000 emails per month.
It should be more than enough to cover all the client appointments, reminders and follow up emails for small practice.
If your needs demand more outbound emails, then you can upgrade your account to next level. If you are not yet ready to upgrade, but still want to increase the outbound emails, please contact us, we will try our best to increase the limit.

Q. Can I create and distribute special offers or coupons or free consultation to my local clients for FREE?

Yes, you can create offers, promotions, or coupons from your dashboard. Upload a picture or choose from provided images for the promotion.
These offers will be displayed on your profile and are available to the local clients in the selected Zip codes automatically.
When a client views your profile online they can find your coupons or special offers, including free consultation offers.

Clients text zip code to any of our 50+ memorable lawyer brand numbers, if the zip code they text matches one of your licensed zip codes for the location, the client will receive a link with list of profiles that includes your profile and coupons or offers you have for that Zip code.

Creation and distribution of coupons, offers, or free consultation is completely FREE on our platform.
Local clients can access your offers online or by texting their zip code to any of our 50+ memorable lawyer branded numbers.


Q. How do I distribute coupons or special offers?

When you create the coupon, you can specify the specific Zip codes (up to 10) where you want the offers or coupons to be distributed.
By default, coupons will be available to any client who inquires using text messaging with any of the 10 Zip codes you provide at the time of creating your profile, or when the client views your profile online.

Alternatively, you can send the coupon in email or text (for upgraded accounts) to any existing clients from the contact manager with couple clicks.

Q. What are verified and phone verified reviews?

We verify the phone number of the reviewer by asking them to enter the code we send to their mobile phone. It ensures the verification of reviewers with valid mobile phone.

In case the reviewer does not provide a mobile phone, we validate their identity by calling them or sending them an email to verify.
We mark such verified reviews as email verified or unverified if we could not verify the reviewer.
Verified reviews are more effective in building trust with new clients and your practice’s authenticity and approval by clients.

Q. How can I respond to a review written about me?

Once you claim your profile, you can respond to a review from your dashboard. Upgraded accounts have several options to request text reviews, and promote their reviews on their profile.

Our support team monitors and verifies the reviews and review responses for quality and appropriateness.

Claim your profile and get started on requesting or responding to review for FREE.

Q. How do you verify and make sure reviews are valid?

For review to be published we verify the reviewer’s mobile phone or email. Our trained quality assurance team also monitors the incoming reviews and review responses. We spend a very significant time and effort on making sure the reviews are related to the actual experiences of clients and are appropriate in nature. 

We also reserve the right to not publish or remove the reviews that violate our terms of use. 

Q. If I disagree with a review posted about me; how can I resolve this?

If you believe that a client review violates our terms of use, you may report such review to us with following information.

  1. Your name, law practice name and address
  2. Link to review in question or text of the review you find incorrect.
  3. Your reason for disagreement.
  4. Suggestions to reviewer as to amendments or edits.
  5. We can forward your suggestions to reviewer, but it is in reviewer’s sole discretion to amend the review according to your suggestions.

Alternatively, you can directly respond to review from your dashboard if you feel review is incorrect.

Q. Can I set up reminders to my clients for FREE?

Yes, you can set up appointments, reminders or send an email to one or multiple client contacts directly from the contact manager by just selecting the client's name/s.

Q. What is live call transfer?

Our platform has more than 50 memorable lawyer branded numbers. These numbers represent the strong recall value and are strongly tied to the client’s needs.
The phone number for a client who is looking for the H-1B visa can be 833H1BLAWYER or 888H1BLAWYER; for a client who is looking for DACA assistance is 1.8 DEFEND DACA; for a client looking for any kind of visa help can be 1.8 E FIND VISA, or for Spanish speaking clients, it could be 1.85 LOSA ABOGA or 1.844 EZ ABOGA or 1.833 99 ABOGA along with their matching website names.

Many more legal brand numbers (50+) for various other possibilities including the location and client-specific needs.  All these phone numbers are integrated on our platform and serve as conduit to connect the legal clients to their local lawyer.

When a client calls any of our 50+ numbers, we ask them to enter their Zip code. Based on the Zip code, we route the call to the lawyer's office who has subscribed exclusivity for that zip code. All the calls to that phone number and zip code combination are forwarded to the same exclusive lawyer. Lawyers can also see the caller id of the call, call duration, call recording on their account dashboard in reports section. We recommend that you upgrade your account to use the exclusive call transfer feature before your competition does, since it is exclusive, and first come first serve basis, once your desired zip code is taken by others, it will not be available.

Besides these 50+ high recall, memorable and promoted numbers, we also have over 300 lawyer brand numbers that can be exclusively leased by your law practices for a fee.

Q. What is call tracking?

Our platform has more than 50 memorable lawyer/legal branded numbers. These numbers represent the strong recall value and are strongly tied to the clients' needs.

If a caller calls one of our numbers and before connecting to the lawyer drops the call, the subscribed lawyer will be able to see the caller id and time of the call to return the call and connect with the caller.

For all the calls that come to any of the 50+ phone numbers on our platform, we gather the caller id, call duration, location of the caller by their input and by their area code. We provide this information to the lawyer who subscribes to the exclusive account upgrade.

All the information of the calls and callers by lawyers' subscribed Zip code will be available in their repots section under call reports.

Q. What is One-way and two-way texting?

There are two types of text messaging.

    1. One-way text messaging for broadcasting for notifications, reminders, information or promotions. In this type of text messaging the receiver does not have option to reply back or communicate with the sender of the text.
    2. Two-way text messaging where the sender of the text message can do all the activities as in one-way texting and also can receive the response back from the text receiver. It is very convenient for clients to communicate using text messaging with the law practice. Law practice can book appointments, and communicate with their clients using two-way texting along-side emails. One can save a lot on traditional marketing by implementing two-way texting.  

Q. How do clients book appointment with my law practice using text?

Our appointment booking system by text is unique and patent pending process.

The client sends a 5-digit Zip code as text message to any of our 50+ memorable lawyer branded phone numbers.

The client receives a text message back as response to the initial text, this response contains a clickable link which has profiles and appointment booking feature for each of the lawyers listed in the zip code that client is seeking. The client can check reviews, offers, and availability of the lawyers in that zip code and nearby Zip codes and directly book the appointment with any one of those lawyers/law firms depending on the client’s needs/liking. Lawyers with upgraded accounts with completed profiles show up on top of the list within the zip code and have more likelihood of scoring the appointments.

Check the video on the home page to see how easy and convenient it is for clients to book the appointment using the text message to any of our memorable lawyer branded phone numbers.